The Air Cargo Club of Bombay has three types of Memberships:

1. Active Members :- Eligibility: An Adult person in good professional standing occupying a Management position with an IATA Airline and/or the General Sales Agent of an IATA Airline or Management position with an approved IATA Cargo Agency established in India, genuinely and actively engaged in the promotion and/or sale of Air Cargo Transportation. Further the applicant/s should be a resident of Greater Mumbai or should be employed in Greater Mumbai.

2. Associate Members :- Eligibility: An Adult person in good professional standing who shall be a person associated with the Transportation of Air Cargo and a Member of such Association or of such Government Agency or Quasi Government Agency, provided he/she is a resident of Greater Mumbai or is employed in Greater Mumbai. It is left to the discretion of the Managing Committee to define the necessary qualification for acceptance of Associate Members. The total number of Associate Members shall not exceed 10% of the total Active Members.

3. Honorary Members :- Eligibility: The Managing Committee at its discretion may elect a person of good professional reputation who has distinguished himself/herself by service to the Air Cargo Industry, provided that the Honorary Membership will be limited to 10 persons or 10% of the number of Active Members of the Club, whichever is lower, provided further that they are residents of the same area from which the membership of the Club is drawn.

4. General Eligibility Criteria :- All applicants have to be in the Air Cargo Industry for a minimum of two years. Each application must be sponsored and seconded by persons who have been Active Members of the Club for a Minimum of two years and are not part of the Managing Committee. Applications shall be considered and approved by a majority of 2/3rd Members present at the Managing Committee meting. No reason need be given by the Managing Committee for refusal of Membership.

The Membership Application Form can be downloaded & printed by clicking here